How It Works?

Managing brand sponsorship opportunities and shoutouts from other influencers can be tiring and overwhelming. We’ve got the tools to help you manage this process every step of the way.


Complete your profile, connect your social media, and set up your shoutouts.


As orders come in from advertisers, accept or deny the ones you want to post.


Complete the requested post and instantly get the money in your account.

At Shoutout Express, you can sell shoutouts, personalized video messages, influencer brand deals, and more.

When you join our network of Social Media Influencers, you'll tap into a wide network of potential buyers. Our easy to use platform makes Shoutout Express super efficient and puts you in front of hundreds of advertisers already buying through our network.


Do I have to post every order that comes in?
No, you can choose to either accept or deny any order that is placed for you.
When do I have to post orders that come in?
We ask that you either accept or deny the post within 24 hours and actually complete the post within 48 hours. If the buyer requests a time outside this window or you are unable to post within that time, the order should be added to your Shoutout Express calendar.
Do you offer referrals or affiliates?
Yes! All Shoutout Express influencers will receive 5% referral for minimum 1 year. You can also earn 5% of sales that come in from you. For example, if you promote your page to your social media followers and someone buys from you an another influencer, you will receive 5% commission off this order.
Is there a commitment or exclusivity if I sign up?
No, you are free to discontinue your page at any time and are welcome to use other platforms as well.
What does Shoutout Express charge?
Running a page on Shoutout Express and using our tools is completely free to do. Instead, we take a 25% commission off any sales that come in.
How do I get paid?
We offer ACH bank transfer and PayPal. To withdraw your funds, you can request withdraw at any time and your request is processed within 5 business days.
What types of social media posts can I sell?
We have a range of shoutouts you can offer for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Only Fans, Tik Tok, and YouTube. And if there is something not offered, request it at any time and we can set up for you.

Sell Shoutouts!

We are thrilled to have you begin selling shoutouts on our platform! Before proceeding, we ask that you agree to our simple terms. They are designed to help us provide the best experience possible for our buyers

  • No nudity is allowed anywhere on the site
  • All inquiries that come through the site will be handled and remain on the site. Failure to comply can lead to suspension or deactivation of your account
  • After completing an order, a screenshot must be taken of the post and uploaded. This shows the buyer you have completed the post.
  • Posts should be accepted or denied within 24 hours of the purchase
  • In the event a buyer requests a refund, we will issue this refund on your behalf
  • I am at least 18 years of age
  • I agree to the full terms of service that can be seen here.
  • Not complying with one or more of these may result in suspension or deactivation of your page