Hi! It's Karlita. I'm an adult content creator. I'm here to help you grow your social media and promote your brand. Let's work! I DO NOT POST NUDITY ON MY SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS. Here's some things to consider before buying ads on my social accounts: TWITTER RULES: * lingerie is OK * Nudity is NOT OK * captions can be frisky but not directly explicit * no direct adult links such as onlyfans, pornhub etc. Please have a link page ready. INSTAGRAM RULES PRIMARY ACCOUNT: * no nudity * no explicit captions * no sexual solicitation such as "subscribe to my onlyfans" etc. * fashion, tamed content preferred * no direct butt shots in thong, twerking, rubbing on breasts or genitals. * short 1-5 second videos do best * no suggestive photos or implied nudity ALL captions are "suggested" and I may modify them if they contain banned words or emojis. I may also sometimes censor the photos if needed.